Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chocolate Chip Crispy Rice Cookies

Welcome to my first recipe: Chocolate Chip Crispy Rice Cookies. Sounds great, right? I got this recipe about 8 years ago from The Cooking Club of America cookbook.

And look at the ingredients...chocolate chips, butter, brown sugar, Rice Krispies. Can you ever go wrong with those ingredients?

My big girls and I made these this afternoon....

And here are the reviews:

Ava: "They're yummy!" (This coming from a 4-year-old)

Morgan: "It's a little bitter, which I like." What she's trying to communicate (in 6-year-old terms) is that this recipe is not overly sweet.

Me: Don't like it. Will never make it again. Will be throwing the recipe away. I like the idea of adding Rice Krisipies to chocolate chip cookies and may try that in the future (it did give the cookie a great crunch). But, this actual cookie recipe was not a good one. Not sweet enough, too crumbly, and not attractive. The picture above is what the cookies look like AFTER they were baked. I'll stick with the Toll House recipe.

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