Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sun-Dried Tomato Shrimp with Lemon (over Polenta)

So, I don't remember the story behind acquiring this recipe. All I know is it sounded fantastic to me then and it sounds fantastic to me now. Shrimp. Sun-dried tomatoes. Garlic. Polenta. Well, I've actually never had polenta. It's one of those things that has always intimidated me. Mostly because I didn't know anything about it. Stupid. It's the easiest thing to make. Boil water (I used vegetable stock), add cornmeal. Stir. Done. I used this recipe. I highly recommend it.

So, I decided to make this as a part of my 101 things blog. It's number 91. This is one of the easiest meals I've made in a long time (I mean like, real meals. Not mac and cheese. Not frozen pizza. Not even stir fry.). This is a meal fit for candles. Next time we have dinner guests...this will be the menu. And yes, if this dish looks good to you, please feel free to invite yourself over.

Here's what the polenta looks like being cooked:

And here's the gorgeous shrimp being sauteed:

Yum. I left the tails on for looks. So pretty (but kind of creepy, right?). Next time, I'll take them off -  easier to eat.

So, here it is...the long anticipated recipe. It's a keeper.

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