Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rosemary Chicken Lasagna

Rosemary Chicken Lasagna. Topped with mozzarella and fontina cheese. And yes, with honey whole wheat fresh baked bread. Right out of the oven. But let me back up...

Set stage: We were having some sweet friends over for dinner. The floors were vacuumed. The house was picked up (as much as it can be with 4 kids). The bread was baking. The lasagna was baking. I had on something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt. We were all excited about having friends over. The husband is a CMS police officer and when I reminded my four-year-old of that, her eyes got huge and she said: "I've never met a real policeman before". We were all ready for company.

Then my toddler wakes up from her nap. She's lethargic and clingy. She tells us her tummy hurts. It's about an hour or so before our friends come over for dinner. And I have to cancel. So sad. But, as loving and gracious as my friend is, she forgives us for the cancellation.

Back onto the lasagna. I have had this recipe forever. I mean probably 10 years. Just sitting in my notebook. Looking yummy. So, I made it thinking it'd be a great company meal. And let me tell you, it was (sorry Kim H.). It was rich, savory, creamy, and flavorful. I am keeping this recipe for sure - although it was very time consuming, so I won't make it again for a while. Anyway, Kim H. - this recipe is dedicated to you and the almost-dinner our families had together.

Here is a link to the recipe. 

I'm throwing in a picture of the cancellation culprit - just because she's so sweet when she's sick (because she's quiet and still - a rarity with this little girl).


  1. Sorry! And thanks for reading my blog. I linked the recipe in my post. It was very involved, but so worth it!