Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love calzones. I love the oozy cheese inside. The tomato goodness you dip it in. And heavens to Betsy, I love the bread. I was meal planning for this month and decided to use a recipe I've had for years for a calzone. Here's the before baking:
And the after:
And the recipe:

I altered it a bit. I nixed the meat and added spinach. And I substituted half the white flour for whole wheat flour. And I used a bread machine pizza dough instead of store bought refrigerator dough. So, really - I'm not even sure I can count that I used this recipe since I changed so much. But, I left the cheese alone, so we'll say it counts.

It was good. Very good. Not pizzeria good, of course. I didn't have a wood fire stove. I didn't have the best dough ever. But, it was a good healthy version of the indulgent original. And it was super easy. I'll keep the recipe.

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